USS Pocono Association
USS Pocono AGC-16/LCC-16/JCC-16

Details for our 2019 USS Pocono reunion will be included in the spring newsletter.
In the meanwhile, here are the dates and hotel info:

Where: The Inn at Opryland, Nashville, TN

When:    Arrival Thursday  10/31/2019   
Departure Monday  11/04/2109

Planned events:  Grand Ole Opry, General Jackson Showboat Cruise, Reception and Banquet/w entertainment.

Hope this helps you in your 2019 planning.

Jim DeVold
Reunion PlannerDid you know that........

The super parades of Endymion and Bacchus, scheduled for the Saturday and Sunday before Fat Tuesday, feature a combined total of 75 floats, 60 marching bands and more than 250 units. Their 2,300 members toss more than 1.5 million cups, 2.5 million doubloons and 200,000 gross of beads.