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To avoid error messages place an 'x' in any block that does not apply.  E-mail addresses change more often than people move to a new address or change their telephone number.  For that reason please keep us updated on any changes and fill out this form as completely as possible so that we do not loose you.  In the years aboard block we are looking for a date range that you were aboard i.e. 1945-46, 1955-58, 1963-66, 1968-71, etc.  If you still have problems just email this information to the Pocono Webmaster.
We do not rent or sell your contact information.  We only share contact information
with registered crewmen by request. We do not provide a full roster of contact
information to any crewmen.  Only USS Pocono Association officers have access
to the full list.  We are happy to reunite crewmen by sharing information, just send your request to:
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